Methods & Procedures (M & P)

By whatever name that they go by -- Methods & Procedures (M & P), Company Policies, Operational Procedures, Administrative Guidelines, or just plain "Practices", every company needs them. Just as a building contractor needs a set of blueprints or an electrician needs schematics, your business may fall short of its’ intended purpose without a detailed set of instructions.

A well designed and properly maintained Methods and Procedures manual will provide your employees (at every level) with a "place to go" for all manner of:

  • General information about the Company
  • Current Company Policies
  • Administrative Procedures
  • Departmental Operational Procedures
  • Customer Relations Guidelines
  • Products and Services Offered
  • Sales and Marketing Efforts
  • Provisioning of Services
  • Listings of Vendors

Whether your M & P Manual resides on your company Intranet and/or in printed form, it will be a "living document" destined to grow and change with your company as it continually expands its’ products, service offerings and territories. Through our experience with quality processes, our process maps and associated ISO guidelines will provide you with methods and procedures that will allow your company to prosper and grow.


ISO 9001:2008 Certified

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